Internet Password Organizer

The Internet Password OrganizerĀ® provides you with a single centralized location in which to store all your online passwords.

Store all your websites, usernames and passwords, as well as a wealth of other computer-related information in one handy place with the Internet Password Organizer!

Log into your favorite social media sites, pay your bills, review your credit card statements and shop at your favorite online stores, quickly and effortlessly!

The experts agree, creating a unique, difficult to guess, strong password and then writing it down and storing it in a secure place is the best way to protect your accounts from being compromised by hackers.


  • Internet Passwords
  • WiFi Passwords
  • Network Information
  • Software Licenses
  • Credit Card Info
  • Computer-Related Notes and more!

The Internet Password Organizer comes in over 150 unique cover designs.

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